Take The Stage: Own Your Voice. Brand Your Story

Giving inspiring executives a brand boost by elevating their value through public speaking

The Challenge:

“You can improve your value by 50% just by learning communication skills – public speaking,” Warren Buffett.

Mastering public speaking is the single greatest skill to elevate your brand and career.

Executives need to cultivate your own personal brand message. At the core of leadership is defining and delivering this message with clarity and confidence. This message can extend to keynotes, seminars, books, online courses and more. Most leaders speak to internal and external audiences, but few have thoughtfully and intentionally designed their own brand message in a way that differentiates their position and elevates their value. The most significant gap is the lack of time, tools, and a community to support actualizing this goal in an efficient window of time.

Our Approach:

Velvet Suite created an intimate development retreat for time-crunched leaders to design and deliver their own brand message as a public speaker. We work hand in hand with our participants to craft an authentic and compelling message. Participants apply to join selected sessions throughout the year with a limited number of attendees. During the Take the Stage Experience, Velvet Suite curates experts, insights, and feedback sessions to help you throughout the entire experience with a safe community of leaders just like you. Through this multi-day experience, participants receive personalized coaching, peer feedback and the opportunity to practice and hone their message. The program covers the fundamentals of message development, design, delivery and branding for promotion and marketing. Our goal is to help leaders refine their core message that they can use for speaking, a book concept, online course or any other branded platform.

The Results:

Every graduate leaves with a complete and compelling message ready for delivery. Graduates of TTS showcased their own message and found speaking engagements both within and outside of the company. One attendee was scheduled to speak in Paris less than 60 days after completing the program.

“I’m amazed at how focus and intention can provide a tremendous result.” – Edwige Robinson, VP, Technology Intake and Agility Development, Xfinity Mobile (Booked to speak in Paris, France within 60 days of completing Take the Stage: Own Your Voice, Brand Your Story)

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