Lincoln Financial

Create a scalable and engaging development opportunity for all BRG members

The Challenge:

Develop a scalable solution for development and recognition for 7 Business Resource Groups (BRGs). The Office of Diversity & Inclusion wanted to reward and recognize the leaders of the BRGs for their tireless effort to support the chapters while providing an opportunity to give them greater recognition and development for their work to help drive D&I within the layers of the organization. The desired outcome was development, exposure, advocacy, and advancement.

Our Approach:

Velvet Suite worked with the Office of D&I to create a breakthrough concept called Pitch U. The idea was grounded in the opportunity to provide a development experience with a scalable curriculum around the power of the Pitch. Most commonly used in many professional settings, the pitch concept provides opportunities for sharing a project idea, requesting sponsorship/mentorship, sharing your career goals to engaging direct reports and management. We created an engaging concept where “Shark Tank” meets “American Idol” and participant. Participants engaged in a series of on-demand and live webinar series, personal brand pitch exercises, and simulations as well as step-by-step coaching.

The Results:

Nearly 700 participants from across the company engaged in the Pitch U virtual training program from more than eight different functions throughout the company. Participants shared selected pitch videos with senior leaders, reflecting the criteria covered in the coaching videos. This unique experience provided a breakthrough and innovative development opportunity within their organizations. Plus, it allowed senior leaders to see talent within their organization that they may not have seen prior to this type of innovative approach.

“First of all, congratulations on being selected as a finalist in the Pitch-U program. More importantly, awesome job on the video…it is super compelling! I love your narrative around connectivity. The reminder about the power of laughter was excellent. Great stuff!” – Executive Sponsor

  • 95% agreed they would apply what they learned to their job
  • 93% agreed they would recommend the program to another colleague
  • 85% agreed the new learning would improve their job performance