Coca Cola

Supporting the development of executive leaders through keynote at national meeting

The Challenge:

Coca-Cola Conversion, formerly Manufacturing was looking for a tangible leadership development training system to help a cross-functional group of senior leaders better understand the power of their personal brand. Our goal was to ignite a new level of engagement and performance through our proven system.

Our Approach:

Velvet Suite was tasked with the challenge to deliver a keynote presentation over 90 minutes based upon our brand leadership system. Melissa was the keynote speaker. She shared our ID3 system of brand leadership through a highly engaging and interactive session.


The session was ranked as one of the top sessions of the meeting. The impact of the program created a demand for the session across the company as well as opened doors for more in-depth engagement through a year-long leadership development program sponsored by the SVP of Conversion.

“Insightful, magnetic, and relevant are a few words to describe Melissa’s keynote speech at our national meeting. I highly recommend Velvet Suite to other leading Fortune 100 companies looking to drive growth through deeper culture of high performing leadership.”

-Troy Ellis, Former SVP Conversion, Coca-Cola; currently EVP Global Supply Chain, Dominos